UGM Journal Acceleration Team – Tim Percepatan Reputasi Jurnal UGM

Since 2016 until 2018 and this year in 2022, me and several other journal managers at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) were officially appointed as the Scientific Journal Reputation Acceleration Team. I served as the Deputy Team Leader. The team’s task was to map the strengths and weaknesses of scientific journals at UGM and provide thematic assistance to solve problems collectively through collaboration.

In mid-2016, the focus of the acceleration team’s task was on organizing DOI and submitting accreditation for scientific journals. Then, in the following years, the team’s task expanded to other matters such as accreditation for scientific journals and international journal indexing.

Consultant of Scientific Journal Management

Since 2016 until now (2022), I have been pursuing expertise in scientific journal management. I have managed scientific journals both within and outside of universities, both individually and as a team. In journal management, I have been involved in creating new journals, preparing requirements, registering scientific journal indexing, both nationally and internationally, as well as accrediting scientific journals along with its preparation.

During the same period, from late 2016 until 2022, I have made hundreds of trips to remote areas in various universities throughout Indonesia. I have acted as a workshop/training speaker to provide assistance and supervision to journal managers. Additionally, I have also worked as a scientific journal consultant in several universities and publishers. Through these experiences, my knowledge of scientific journal management has continued to grow and become more complex. Currently, I am continuously improving my knowledge and skills in this field. Let’s continue to progress!